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We have gone through great lengths in the making of these freshly blended medicinal herbs and plants extracts, grinding them into dried powdered form that can be individually vacuumed packed which now allows us to share this great treatment around the world while maintaining the herbs at it's freshest and highest standards.
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We are highly committed in nursing your scalp back to health and have absolute confidence in our treatments.

GENHAIR offers 100% Money Back Guarantee Scheme for all our products and in-house treatment plans tailored to each individuals recommended by our doctors & trichologists as we are so confident that our treatments will help you see results.  

We refund you back your money if the analysis report shows no improvement at the end of 12 weeks.

Julian Goh

''My scalp is so sensitive and itches like crazy especially after flying around a lot for my job. I do not need to be embarrassed of dandruffs all over my shoulders and clothes now.''

Brian Dawson

'' I couldn't believe my eyes if not for the scalp scan that my scalp actually look like this before I started Genhair treatments and couldn't believe my eyes once again how clean & healthy my scalp looks after 3 months''

Michelle Tan

''I saw my hair follicles are mostly left with one hair since it was severely clogged. After 2-3 treatments, my scalp felt so much cleaner and I can see baby hair started growing out after the 8th week scan.''

Jessica Nursalim

''My hair was always limp and flat due to oily scalp. I use Genhair Oil Control shampoo bar everyday and Herbal Hair Mask now and again. My hair becomes so much manageable.''

Jane Ong

''My Alopecia Areata started out coin size and it grew bigger and bigger. I panicked and tried many medications, products and treatment that didn't work. I am really glad that Genhair cured me after a couple of months ''

Lee Siew Tee

''Every month my scalp burns when I visit the salons to dye my roots. I knew I cannot keep using chemical dye without damaging my scalp. I urge every aging men and women to convert to Genhair Herbal Hair Colouring for colouring whites & greys with hair growth benefits at the same time.''

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Product Benefits Section

Made with Natural Ingredients

All Genhair products are made by freshly blended plants so you can get the best results

Vegan Friendly

Product does not contain any animal products or animal-derived ingredients

Risk Free

100% No side effects to your skin and body. The healthiest way to grow hair.

No Additives or No Preservatives Added

Without any chemical nasties being used. Instead we use premium packaging method to keep the products fresh


The ingredients/components and final product have not been tested on animals

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All clients see improvement on their condition after using Genhair products for 8 weeks

EMBRACE natural hair growth!!!

Throw away your hair loss medications & Drugs...

Genhair is invented so that more people can learn that plants & botanical extracts can effectively treat scalp problems, aids hair growth and strengthens hair roots. With the NATURAL way, there will not be any side effects compared to taking western drugs and medications. 

What can Genhair do?

  • Cleanse & Nourishes the scalp 
  • Remove excess oil on scalp
  • Removes Dandruff & itchy scalp
  • Strengthens hair roots
  • Aids hair growth
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Able to cover white hair with herbal colouring
  • See results in 8 weeks

What Others Say


I am really impressed with the products. They work well for me, and I can see my hair loss reduced in just a few weeks, with lots of new hair growing over my part. 

Kate Muller



Having tried many different medications and treatments while still suffering from severe hair loss for many years left me feeling very frustrated. I almost gave up and started to cover the baldness with Topik hair fiber. I was advised to try out Genhair Herbal Haircare System. I am so happy now that I can stop using the hair fiber, as I no longer need to cover up. I am so glad that GENHAIR, which is all-natural, has effectively help me to recover from my hair loss. 




I couldn’t figure out why I am suddenly losing so much hair at age 35. I was lucky to have gone to Genhair Hair Growth Center for a scalp analysis; I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that I was having so many scalp problems occurring simultaneously: sensitive, red scalp, scalp inflammation, bacteria growth, clogged hair follicles, and oily scalp. 

Genhair products totally transformed my scalp condition in a few months, and my hair grew back. I must say that I am really impressed with Genhair. 

Glen Jiang


Jessie Ting

Hi, my name is Jessie, and I am an educator in Cosmetology(specialised in Skin, Hair & Nails). Founder of Beauty Recipe International Academy Singapore and Lush Clinic Group Indonesia. GENHAIR is internationally accredited in trichology, which specialises in treating hair loss and skin problems through natural medicine.  

GENHAIR is rapidly growing all around the world and helping many people gain back their confidence through healthy scalp and hair. I hope it would help you greatly too.

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