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Comparing the Types of Hair Growth Treatments

Comparing the Types of Hair Loss Treatments available in the market?  Excessive hair loss can be distressing and a total ruin to your self-confidence. According to hair growth experts, the main causes of hair loss are the existence of  DHT, a hormone formed by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase (5AR) on your regular testosterone hormones, to form DHT. Complicated technical terms? We will cover these in our later videos. Natural remedies can reduce DHT levels, and prevent its binding effects to the follicles
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How to Diagnose Your Scalp Condition for Hair Growth to Guarantee Your Success

How to diagnose your Scalp Condition for Hair Growth so it can guarantees success? Growing hair is like growing crops; to reap a good harvest, you must have a good foundation and nutrient-rich soil before you add fertilisers. Similarly, understanding your scalp condition is essential to achieving a healthy, well-balanced scalp that allows your hair to grow naturally — without the need to take or apply any medications that might cause side effects or further complicate your scalp health. Many of the
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What causes hair loss? Solve your specific problem

We find them in the hair brush, on the pillow or on our clothes: the hair comes and goes, and losing some hair is completely normal. But if they are large quantities or the hair is becoming less thick overtime, it is time to determine whether the hair loss is excessive and find out what causes hair loss problems.  How much hair loss is considered not normal? On average, we have about 100,000 hair and out hair cycle goes through
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