Mummy Rina Started her Hair and Aesthetics journey in Singapore.



Mummy Rina took part in a Beauty, Hair and Body world exhibition. It was one of her first exhibition showcasing her Aesthetic skills to the world.


Mummy Rina was among the first started introducing Natural Hair Growth therapy and many other beauty and aesthetic services locally in Singapore. She was among the first to have brought and introduced techniques that were far advanced for its time, back to Singapore.



Mummy Rina commenced training numerous other beauty enthusiasts and students in beauty and hair services.


Mummy Rina is affiliated and acquainted with Beauty & Hair Experts from all over the World, forming communities to further fuel her passion in spreading the knowledge if aesthetic education worldwide.



Jessie Ting, age 19. This picture shows her performing aesthetic services for Mummy Rina’s clients. By then, she already has a few years of experience in the Beauty industry.

Jessie had always been helping her mother frim young age, since she was a child.


Multiple award-winning Brand for Beauty Aesthetic services and innovative Hair Growth Solutions.



Tradintional Chinese medicinal herbs products dried and vacuum packed at its freshest/highest standards ready to be distributed throughout the world.


GENHAIR treatments uses premium-grade Chinese & Ayurvedic herbs with western plants proven to have worked for many centuries to help solve hair-loss problems. Hair Growth, according to traditional Chinese medicine, requires the solid flow of blood and Qi to nourish the scalp. A variety of Chinese herbs may be used to enhance blood flow to the hair follicles and eliminate the causes of hair loss.

The medicinal herbs work not only on the epidermis surface layer to cleanse and detox the scalp surface and unclog the pores; they work deep within the dermis layer to balance the sebaceous glands for a healthy scalp.

Furthermore, they can also go even deeper, into the hypodermis, where the arteries and veins are, to stimulate the blood flow to the hair follicles and reverse the hair-ageing process when used with the right methods.

Founder/Owner - Jessie Ting

Hi, my name is Jessie(click YouTube Channel), and I am an educator in Cosmetology (specialised in Skin, Hair & Nails) and the founder of GENHAIR International and Beauty Recipe International Academy Singapore. GENHAIR is internationally accredited in trichology training, which specialises in treating hair loss and skin problems through natural medicine.

Seven years ago, with postpartum hair loss, I started balding. With a history of hereditary genetic hair loss, I became depressed.

My grandparents gave me a hair-growth recipe passed down from my great-grandma, who has always been active in using Traditional Chinese Medicine in many forms. My family has been using this recipe for generations to treat and slow the genetic hair loss. Throughout many years of research, I further improved the Chinese medicinal herbs recipe by adding other plants extracts and herbs from Ayurvedic treatments that effectively treat common hair issues such as scalp concerns, hair loss, oily scalp, greying hair, premature or excessive white hair, and various hair-loss patterns.



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We are highly committed in nursing your scalp back to health and have absolute confidence in our treatments.
GENHAIR offers 100% Money Back Guarantee Scheme for all our products and in-house treatment plans tailored to each individuals recommended by our doctors & trichologists as we are so confident that our treatments will help you see results.
We refund you back your money if the analysis report shows no improvement at the end of 12 weeks.