SMP Scalp Micropigmentation Course and Trichology Course for Herbal Natural Hair Care Certifications are UK accredited. It will allow you to be covered by insurance worldwide.  Once your course is completed, you will also have the option to join Genhair as a franchise or to get our trainer-ship program to become a international certified beauty educator.

Join us in our risk free and effective way to fuller hair and healthy scalp. 

Diploma in Trichology Herbal Hair Growth & Hair Loss Management Training Course

1 out of 3 people are suffering from hair loss problem with increasing numbers everyday. Most people do not know that natural herbs and botanical extracts can effectively treat scalp problems, aids hair growth and strengthens hair roots. Since this is 100% NATURAL there is no side effects compared to taking drugs and medications. 

GENHAIR Herbal Hair Care was developed to help gain back healthy scalp & solve hair loss problems. 

Not only can the treatments nourish your scalp, strengthen your hair roots and prevent hair loss. It can giving you glossy healthy hair with vibrant colour & the aroma of many revitalising herbs will leave you smelling heavenly.

You will also be learning about HERBAL HAIR COLORING SYSTEM that is free from harmful chemicals to cover the grey/white hair with herbal hair colouring that has 6 colours to choose from. 

Other than Herbal Treatments, this course will include other cutting age hair growth simulation methods like micro infusion.

Course Fee: $1500 USD

Certificate awarded completion of course with world wide accreditation for insurance 

Course Duration: 2 days

Training Hours: 16 Hours


Training Kit includes (Worth $900 USD):

– 200x Quality Scalp Analysis Machine 

– Software for scalp condition report

– Infa red high frequency ozone treatment machine

– GENHAIR Herbal Hair Mask (500g)

– GENHAIR Hair Fall Control Shampoo (300 ml)

– GENHAIR Scalp Care Shampoo (300 ml)

- GENHAIR Natural Shampoo Bar

– GENHAIR Scalp Tonic 1 for Oily, Dandruff and Itchy Scalp (100 ml)

– GENHAIR Scalp Tonic 2 for Promoting Hair Loss & Promote Healthy Hair Growth (100 ml)

– GENHAIR 24K Gold Micro Infusion Device

– GENHAIR Hair Growth Infusion

- Meridian points stimulation scalp comb

Main Course Content:

Causes of Hair Loss

Understanding hair follicles, scalp, hair growth cycle

Scalp & Hair Analysis

Different types of scalp conditions and scalp problems

18 types of natural herbs and botanic extracts and how they help hair growth

Herbal Hair Colouring without chemicals 

Infa red high frequency ozone treatment

Scalp Micro Infusion 

Herbal Scalp Treatment 

Meridian points stimulation scalp activation comb treatment

Prescribing Herbal Remedy for different scalp & hair loss problems

Diet recommendation to different scalp & hair loss problems

Reversing hair aging process


Scalp Micropigmentation Training Course

Miss Jenny Wong is the top when it comes to Scalp Micro pigmentation. Her years of training experience also placed her in the forefront of being an internationally recognised expert panel in semi permanent makeup associations, qualified trainer and judge for many semi permanent makeup competitions all around the world.  Her innovation of the new invention of the ΜΕΣΟ™Blades has made a massive impact on Semi Permanent Makeup techniques and it has revolutionised the way eyebrows, hairline and scalp micro pigmentation can be done with the spin wheel roller.

Our Academy is the exclusive provider of this technique for ΜΕΣΟ™Hairline & ΜΕΣΟ™Scalp Micro-pigmentation which is the first non invasive scalp & hairline micro-pigmentation. We are looking for local & overseas collaborations to expand this awesome technique all over the world so join us.

Comparing Hairline

Previously before invention of ΜΕΣΟ™ blade, hairline embroidery was done by the microblading method with either 14-18 pin needles cutting into the skin to create lines on the hairline area. Apart from the pain of cutting, this is highly risky as the hairline areas have major veins running through which can result to inflammation of the whole body. Old method is health risky and the effect is artificial looking with the final effect after peeling looking patchy due to the scabbing. If the cut is too deep, the colour pigment will smudge on the skin after healing with the old microblading method with weird looking unnatural lines.

With the ΜΕΣΟ™ blade method, the procedure can be non invasive, no pain, no bleeding, no downtime, faster and the colour absorption/retention is high due to no scabbing with natural effect that is soft while looking like hair folicles.

Comparing Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp pigmentation was done by using tattoo/embroidery machine by using a single point needle to input the colour pigment by poking into the scalp one at a time. It is a very tedious and long painful process using this method thus it needs at least 4-5 sessions to complete the entire head therefore the very high price tag of $6000 to $10,000 which turn off many clients since the process is long and tiring for both therapist and the client as well.

With this new technique for the scalp micro pigmentation by ΜΕΣΟ™ blade, it can completed in just one or two session making it more affordable for clients too with no pain at all without the need of numbing cream.

This new method provides pain free and lasting  hairline and scalp micro pigmentation with fast healing and no scabbing. You are able to wash your hair the very next day.

Course Fee: $1500 USD

Certificate awarded completion of course with world wide accreditation for insurance 

Course Duration: 2 days + 3 months FREE Online continuation of perfection training programme

Training Hours: 16 Hours

Training Kit includes:

Hairline & Scalp Pigments 

ΜΕΣΟ™ blades

Hand Tools

Mapping pencils

Latex skin

Get both Korea and UK accreditation for the Diploma Certifications at the same time with us! 

Other than Scalp Micropigmentation Course and Trichology Herbal Hair Growth Course, we also offer semi-permanent makeup, nail, eyelash, make-up, skincare, hair, tattoo art and waxing...etc.). We have trained more than 3000 students from over 30 different countries students and promotes the cooperation and interaction among the beauty and makeup industry.  Join us to be the elite of the Cosmetology as part of the ABEA Association with lifetime membership once you complete any diploma course with us. 

PRP Plasma Gel Bio Fillers Making & Injection Training Course

PRP Plasma Gel Bio Derma Fillers Training Machine Heater

PRP Plasma Gel Bio-Fillers is much better over Botox and Derma Fillers and the treatment is virtually risk-free. Because PRP works with the patient's own healing processes and produces a natural effect, cosmetic PRP rejuvenation really delivers impressive results. In addition, effects are much more long lasting too.

Instead of breaking down over time the way a synthetic filler can, this bio-compatible plasma gel is slowly reabsorbed by the body evenly without risk of lumps or uneven distribution. It acts as an excellent scaffolding beneath the skin.

A stablized special machine at an exact temperature for an exact time and then cooled to create the filler gel. Don't trial and error or risk it with injectables. We have experts to show how it is done.

Training by our Senior Doctor with many years of experience.

Full Course Fee: $1088 USD

Certificate awarded completion 

Course Duration: 1 day

Training Hours: 8 Hours


Training Kit includes(worth $900 USD):

- High Quality PRP Plasma Gel Natural Organic Bio Filler Heater with Fan Machine 

Machine ISO and CE European certified for international export with 1 year warranty

This machine is specially for making PRP Plasma Gel Bio Fillers. Not every heating system can be use or suitable for making prp plasma gel fillers.  Includes metal modules with the right size type for making prp plasma gel bio fillers.

- Heating Modules

- Disposable Tubes for heating

- Needles and syinges 

PRP Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy for Hair Loss problems hair growth jakarta

Course Content:

 - Theory about PRP plasma Gel Bio Fillers

- Blood Extraction Process

- Preparing PRP Plasma for Extraction 

- Sterlization of materials and tubes 

- Preparing PRP Plasma into fillers 

- Injection techniques for PRP Plasma Gel Bio Fillers into different areas (Forehead, under eye, cheeks, laugh line, back of hands)

- Student with Model Practice 

We have training academy location based in Singapore, Jakarta and Bangkok. Online Training course option also available for students worldwide.

For course related enquiry or franchising opportunities hotline: WhatsApp +65 9859 3982