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SMP Scalp Micropigmentation Course and Trichology Course for Herbal Natural Hair Care Certifications are UK accredited. It will allow you to be covered by insurance worldwide. Once your course is completed, you will also have the option to join Genhair as a franchise or to get our trainer-ship program to become a international certified beauty educator.

Join us in our risk free and effective way to fuller hair and healthy scalp.


Diploma in Trichology Herbal Hair Growth & Hair Loss Management Training Course

1 out of 3 people are suffering from hair loss problem with increasing numbers everyday. Most people do not know that natural herbs and botanical extracts can effectively treat scalp problems, aids hair growth and strengthens hair roots. Since this is 100% NATURAL there is no side effects compared to taking drugs and medications.

GENHAIR Herbal Hair Care was developed to help gain back healthy scalp & solve hair loss problems.

Not only can the treatments nourish your scalp, strengthen your hair roots and prevent hair loss. It can giving you glossy healthy hair with vibrant colour & the aroma of many revitalising herbs will leave you smelling heavenly.

You will also be learning about HERBAL HAIR COLORING SYSTEM that is free from harmful chemicals to cover the grey/white hair with herbal hair colouring that has 6 colours to choose from.

Scalp Micropigmentation Training Course

Miss Jenny Wong is the top when it comes to Scalp Micro pigmentation. Her years of training experience also placed her in the forefront of being an internationally recognised expert panel in semi permanent makeup associations, qualified trainer and judge for many semi permanent makeup competitions all around the world. Her innovation of the new invention of the ΜΕΣΟ™Blades has made a massive impact on Semi Permanent Makeup techniques and it has revolutionised the way eyebrows, hairline and scalp micro pigmentation can be done with the spin wheel roller.
Our Academy is the exclusive provider of this technique for ΜΕΣΟ™Hairline & ΜΕΣΟ™Scalp Micro-pigmentation which is the first non invasive scalp & hairline micro-pigmentation. We are looking for local & overseas collaborations to expand this awesome technique all over the world so join us.




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We are highly committed in nursing your scalp back to health and have absolute confidence in our treatments.
GENHAIR offers 100% Money Back Guarantee Scheme for all our products and in-house treatment plans tailored to each individuals recommended by our doctors & trichologists as we are so confident that our treatments will help you see results.
We refund you back your money if the analysis report shows no improvement at the end of 12 weeks.